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Hainan jia guangxi brand green husk glazed date is domestic origination of new varietiesstrong resistance to sethigh temperature resistancegood quality in one; Flowering general regulation in 9-Novemberaccept fruiting in December-the following year in March; Fruit thin skinflesh thickhighindividual sweetness of high yieldthe disposable income grown for many years.

According to determinefruits contain vitamin P ranked the top fruit to improve human blood capillary functioncardiovascular diseasefall hematic fat ease atherosclerosis effects; Fruits are rich in vitamin Cfor apple 100 timesit has the enhancement immunity and anti-cancer abilitythe rich micro elements and minerals to promote hemopoietic functionprevent anemiablood and benefit spiritbeauty has very big effect to raise colouretc.


Apassionfruit introduced

Passionfruitscientific name: Passiflora edulis SimsEnglish name: Passion fruit; Originating in HawaiiSouth America Brazilbecause its juice send out a bananapineapplelemonstrawberrythe peachpomegranate fruit of the rich smell and is known as "Passionfruit"also be its English name "Passionfruit" transliterationbe in abroad and "the king of the fruit juice," "a cash cow" laudatory namethe name and eggs fruit or passion fruitalso have "passion fruit" or "love fruit" confusing.

Secondpassionfruit value

The potential of passionfruit value contenthigh passionfruit juice of the pulp extracted sweetrich smell in Europe and the known as "the king of the fruit juice," saidin the similar drink price to the fore.

Passionfruit juice fruit after by-products can be utilizedthe maximum amount of by-products is peelskinsof the total weight of about 50%rich in pectinpectin gelation sex goodbut compared with orange pectinis the production of a good pectin source.

Passionfruit another by-product is seedsseed oil content 21.7% ~ 29.2%most of which are not saturated fatty acidcan be used as a kind of special vegetable oil to developmenteconomic value is higher than safflower.

Threethe sweet juice four characteristics

1the pure natural sex strong: do not contain the essencepreservatives and any pigment.

2high nutritive value: sweet fruit juice contains many beneficial to human body elementssuch as proteinmany kinds of amino acidvitamin cphosphorironcalciumSOD enzyme and the fiber.

One of the sweet GuoWei C content = 8 orange

One of the sweet GuoWei C content = 8 an apple

One of the sweet GuoWei E content = 15 orange

One of the sweet GuoWei E content = 10 apples

3more efficient ingredientsdeep cleaningdetoxification beauty; Promote metabolismand strengthen the body; For a sore throat and periodontal diseaseoral ulcergastroenteritishemorrhoidsand have a good suppressionthe treatment function.

Fourthe sweet juice five new discovery

The university of Florida and Ecuador passion fruit processing industry association after more than a year of cooperative research validation passionfruit juice has cancerantibacterialand five major useful function and characteristic of the human health.

Firstfind passionfruit juice in the medium from two different in the role of the cancer cells grow.

Secondin passionfruit juice of plant chemicals in the slow cancer cells grow at the same timespeed up the death of the cancer cells.

Thirdpassionfruit juice of phenolic components antimicrobial activity has become the food storage method of possibilities. In preliminary studiespassionfruit juice inhibit the growth of e. coli role. In formal study foundpassionfruit juice inhibit ulcer sex cells in the body of the active role. So that could have been used as health care function of intestines and stomach food.

Fourthin passionfruit juice contains can lower cholesterol effect of compound plant sex steroidsso it can develop the function of the lipid.

Fifthpassionfruit after low temperature sterilization after treatmentwill not affect its colour and lustrenutrition and oxidation resistanceit is suitable for a characteristic made processing food.


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